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What is an MEUC Supporter

MEUC Supporters are companies that provide supply, procurement and management expertise and services.
Below you can view an A to Z Directory listing of them. Click through for further details and to see how they can assist your energy and water strategy. If you cannot find the information or contact for a particular company you are looking for, please get in touch we will be more than happy to help.

Supporters Directory


2G Energy Ltd is an internationally leading manufacturer of combined and heat and power plants (CHP) for the decentralised provision of power and heat based on gas motors driven by natural gas, biomethane, biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas, or hydrogen. The portfolio includes plants with an electrical output of 20 to 2,500 kW.

Get in touch | 01928 718533 | sales@2-g.com | www.2-g.com


Ameresco is a leading independent provider of comprehensive energy services, energy procurement, energy efficiency, infrastructure upgrades, asset sustainability and renewable energy solutions for businesses and organisations throughout Europe and North America. Services include financed upgrades to a facility’s energy infrastructure and the development, construction of renewable energy plants.

Get in touch | uk.ameresco.com

Ceramics UK

We are the voice of the UK’s ceramic industry. From multinational ceramic corporations manufacturing in the UK to domestic SME manufacturers, we represent the collective interests of our sector. We act as a vital hub for knowledge and technical insights, actively contributing to governmental consultations and collaborating with key stakeholders.

Get in touch | 01782 744631 | info@ceramics-uk.org | www.ceramics-uk.org

Corona Energy

Corona Energy is a leading independent gas and electricity supplier with over 20 years’ experience servicing UK businesses. We currently supply 14% of the industrial and commercial gas market with around 13,000 customers across gas and electricity and over 85,000 meters in our capable hands. We build long-term relationships with our partners and understand the challenges you face. We always look for new opportunities in our industry, particularly when it comes to improving service. We proactively identify how we can adapt to fulfil the long-term needs of our partners.

Get in touch | 0800 8048589 | www.coronaenergy.co.uk


Drax is the UK’s largest source of renewable electricity by output, supplying organisations with power and energy services while delivering essential support to the national grid.
We also produce sustainable biomass, and BECCS (bioenergy with carbon capture and storage) – our negative emissions technology – will help tackle the global climate crisis.

Get in touch | www.energy.drax.com/


EDF are Britain’s biggest generator of zero carbon electricity. Helping Britain’s Businesses and Public Sector achieve Net Zero by continuously investing in and enabling access to zero carbon energy and technology. EDF are ready to support you, wherever you are on your journey to Net Zero. Get in touch today.

Get in touch | 07875 117 805 | LetsTalkPower@edfenergy.com | www.edfenergy.com/large-business

Energy in Buildings & Industry

For over 38 years Energy in Buildings & Industry (EiBI) is the magazine industry, commerce and public sector organisations turn to for guidance on reducing their energy use. Every month the magazine which is available in both print and digital formats, provides an unrivalled coverage of the latest news and product developments, informative technical articles, opinion pieces, as well as detailed analysis of the policy and legislative changes that are shaping the market.

Get in touch | 01889 577222 | editor@eibi.co.uk | www.eibi.co.uk

Energy Manager Magazine

Energy Manager Magazine is circulated to over 8,000 energy professionals in the Public Sector (Government Offices, Local Authorities, NHS, Education and Housing Associations).

The editorial is designed to give advice, promote best practice, provide ideas & solutions to help energy managers develop and produce effective action plans and implement energy efficient practices

Get in touch | mail@energymanagermagazine.co.uk | www.energymanagermagazine.co.uk

ENGIE Impact

ENGIE Impact use analysis & evidence to make energy and utilities work smarter.
As a multi-award winning consultant, we ensure our clients succeed in a complex and ever-changing market. We`re committed to the highest quality service, provided by a team with deep sector experience & a passion for innovation. We build practical solutions to deliver significant cost and carbon improvements and we have the backing to deliver on our promises as we are part of a global leader in the zero-carbon transition.

Get in touch | +44 (0) 7833 495 711 | robert.brown2@engie.com | www.engieimpact.com


ENTRNCE: an easy first step towards 24/7 renewable energy
ENTRNCE offers a simple one-off service where we examine your half-hourly energy data and send you a report on the sources of energy your business has been consuming. Our algorithms also calculate which renewable technologies are best suited to fit your energy consumption. ENTRNCE is an international subsidiary of Dutch DSO Alliander, specialised in supporting the energy transition through smart trading and data services. We are active in The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, the Nordics and Germany.

Get in touch | +31 (0) 6 115 99 250 | jaron.reddy@entrnce.com | www.entrnce.com

Granular Energy

Granular Energy is a software provider that specialises in clean energy management solutions for utilities, energy managers, traders, and large energy buyers worldwide.
By choosing to eliminate emissions from their energy supply, all organisations and individuals can help get us to a carbon-free world faster. We provide the tools to enable this.

Get in touch | +31 611 187808 | team@granular-energy.com | granular-energy.com


HYRO is a joint venture between leading renewable energy firms RES and Octopus Energy Generation. The HYRO partnership has been established to turbocharge the UK’s hydrogen economy. The primary aim is to deliver home-grown, reliable and cost-competitive sources of green hydrogen generated from renewables. This clean power will provide solutions to help energy-intensive businesses decarbonise hard-to-electrify processes.

Get in touch | benjamin.marsh@octopusenergygeneration.com | hyro.energy


At IMServ, we’re at the forefront of driving the UK’s low-carbon economy transition. Powered by technology, run by experts, we specialise in energy metering, data collection, and data visualisation, supporting businesses nationwide in making intelligent decisions about their energy use.

With over 25 years of industry expertise, we manage 80 billion units of energy data, providing secure and accurate data for effective cost management, ESG initiatives, and energy-saving strategies. Our cutting-edge data visualisation tool unlocks the potential of energy data, delivering actionable insights for a sustainable future.

Get in touch | 01908 696000 | contactus@imserv.com | www.imserv.com


Innova is a forward-thinking renewable energy business, employing over 120 people across two offices in London and Cheltenham. Innova’s long-term mission is to create utility-scale renewable energy projects using multi-technologies that take large energy intensive users off-grid, positively improving the environment, and benefiting local businesses and communities.

Power Purchase Agreements form an integral part of this mission at Innova, with our Energy Sales team providing businesses with clean, zero-carbon power and supporting them to stabilise their energy costs.

Get in touch | 0203 787 4320 | info@innova.co.uk | www.innova.co.uk

Monarch Partnership

Your Intelligent Utility Partner

We are a business energy and utility consultancy with over three decades of experience. As an Intelligent Utility Management Partner, we provide services for commercial companies, SMEs, housing providers and charities in the UK.

We manage ongoing energy, water and waste contracts for our customers ensuring essential utilities costs are reduced while providing high-quality service and the best value for money. To date, we have saved our customers more than £120 million.

Get in touch | 020 8835 3535 | savings@monarchpartnership.co.uk | www.monarchpartnership.co.uk

National Gas Metering

National Gas Metering maintains and manages over 8 million domestic, industrial and commercial combined gas assets across the UK.
As the largest asset manager of residential, industrial and commercial gas meters in Great Britain, we offer a broad range of metering services. In providing these, we work to the highest safety and quality standards, while using the most advanced engineering technologies and methods.
We are a major provider of end-to-end project managed Siteworks services and are at the forefront of hydrogen metering innovation projects.

Get in touch | www.nationalgas.com/metering

npower Business Solutions

We are a leading provider of energy for UK businesses, dedicated to helping businesses buy and use it more efficiently. In addition to supporting customers with energy purchasing and risk management via our award-winning Optimisation Desk, we offer a full range of energy management solutions to help optimise the way your business consumes energy.

Get in touch | 07795 353762 | gareth.metcalf@npower.com | www.npowerbusinesssolutions.com

On-Site Energy Ltd

On-Site Energy Ltd is your partner for delivery of innovative, comprehensive energy efficiency, energy generation and carbon reduction solutions. We overcome capex & payback blockages with a zero fee, fully-funded off-balance sheet structure. Our data-led, vendor agnostic approach specifies appropriate resilient solutions, and we leverage our team’s experience in global manufacturing to execute.

Get in touch | 0151 271 0037 | info@on-site.energy | www.on-site.energy

Power Responsive National Grid ESO

Power Responsive is a stakeholder-led programme, facilitated by National Grid ESO, to stimulate increased participation in the different forms of flexible technology such as Demand Side Response (DSR) and storage.
It brings together industry and energy users, to work together in a co-ordinated way. A key priority is to grow participation in DSR, making it easier for industrial and commercial businesses to get involved and to realise the financial and carbon-cutting benefits.

Get in touch | powerresponsive@nationalgrideso.com | www.nationalgrideso.com/industry-information/balancing-services/power-responsive

SEFE Energy UK

At SEFE Energy, we’re more than just an energy supplier. We help organisations solve some of their biggest challenges, so they can get on with doing what they do best: delivering products and services used by millions of people across Europe every day.

Get in touch | 0161 837 3395 | sefe-energy.co.uk

Shell Energy

Shell Energy offers simple and reliable energy solutions to help businesses manage their energy costs and plan their sustainability roadmap. Shell Energy globally has the scale, expertise, and ability to help meet our customers’ needs across various businesses through integrated offers. We take the time to understand your business energy needs, creating innovative products and delivering personalised service that adds value to your business.

Get in touch | b2bmarketing@shellenergy.co.uk | www.shellenergy.co.uk/business


We help businesses to reduce their water and energy footprint, and deliver on their sustainability goals. We are a team of experts who have lived and breathed the utility world and understand the journey that you and your teams are on. We don’t apply theoretical models or force fit solutions, we deliver outcome focussed services and products, based on our experience of what works, and in a way we know is achievable.

Get in touch | info@skewb.uk | www.skewb.co.uk

SSE Energy Solutions

At SSE Energy Solutions we’re uniquely positioned to provide green solutions as part of the SSE Group – with the largest renewable energy capacity across the UK and Ireland. We leverage these assets to ensure our customers can benefit from a range of renewable energy options, including 100% renewable electricity straight from our UK wind farms.

Get in touch | 0345 725 2526 | www.sseenergysolutions.co.uk

Strive by STX

Strive by STX is the climate action arm of STX Group, empowering companies on their decarbonization journey. Leveraging STX Group’s expertise in environmental commodities, we provide tailored decarbonization roadmaps, guiding businesses through the intricacies of environmental markets.

Get in touch | strive.hello@stxgroup.com | www.strive.stxgroup.com/

Swan Energy

Swan Energy is a market leading provider of carbon reporting services, and we support businesses in their drive to be more carbon conscious by helping them to comply with mandatory energy legislation.
We have experience of working with private and public sector clients, and work in all industry sectors, including NHS and hospitals, food and drink manufacturing, brewing, energy, chemicals, and industrial manufacturing.

Get in touch | 01484 843867 | info@swanenergy.co.uk | www.swanenergy.co.uk

The Energyst

The Energyst is a source for all energy related issues from a business perspective. We equip readers – energy focused managers, directors and consultants – with information and insight to better perform demanding roles in ever-changing circumstances. We deliver innovative business critical information online, via digital publications and e:newsletters, amplifying the audience through social media.

Get in touch | 01892 661413 | admin@theenergyst.com | www.theenergyst.com

Water Plus

Water Plus. Save Water, Save Energy – and carbon emissions too. We’ve helped hundreds of sites, at organisations large and small, manage their water more easily, efficiently and effectively, saving on energy where less water needs to be moved or used – and where less hot water’s been used too. Join a multi-award winner water partner today, to help with your Net Zero journey.

Get in touch | hello@water-plus.co.uk | www.water-plus.co.uk/about-us


Waterwise helps communities, businesses and governments to understand the value of water and use it wisely so that we have enough now and in the future. Ambition, partnership and innovation are at the heart of our work.
Our role is to innovate, to develop and test new ideas, to bring partners together for change and to help demonstrate practical water efficiency actions. We work at all levels – from changing the law to encouraging sector leaders to be more ambitious to supporting delivery teams through research and ideas. And we run campaigns on water efficiency across the UK right through the year.

Get in touch | www.waterwise.org.uk


We help businesses to achieve better efficiency and sustainability while lowering utility costs. As one of the UK’s leading water retailers, we support 300,000 businesses, from SMEs to large industrial and commercial sites to local authorities and NHS Trusts. Our range of value-adding services is designed to monitor your water use, detect potential leaks and provide you with water-saving solutions. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business drive down its water and energy use, save carbon and reduce bills.

wave-utilities.co.uk/chat | hello@wave-utilities.co.uk | www.wave-utilities.co.uk

Womens Utilities Network

WUN was started to give women the skills and
confidence they need to build lasting, fulfilling
careers in the utility sector.
Founded by a group of women who have
themselves built successful careers in both energy
and water, WUN seeks to help other women to build
the right networks, get the right training and take
control of their own work lives at whichever stage of
their career they are at.

Get in touch | info@thewun.co.uk | www.thewun.co.uk

How to Support

MEUC Supporters are companies that provide supply, procurement and management expertise and services.
Supporting MEUC provides an opportunity for those who don't qualify for MEUC Membership to engage with us and join our community. Various supporting packages are available to help promote your products, services and your market intelligence. To see how we can work together please contact robin.hale@meuc.co.uk to set up a call.