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Corona Energy is a leading independent gas and electricity supplier with over 20 years’ experience servicing UK businesses. We currently supply 14% of the industrial and commercial gas market with around 13,000 customers across gas and electricity and over 85,000 meters in our capable hands. We build long-term relationships with our partners and understand the challenges you face. We always look for new opportunities in our industry, particularly when it comes to improving service. We proactively identify how we can adapt to fulfil the long-term needs of our partners.

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Be greener

Climate change is our generation’s issue to solve

As an energy supplier, we take that very seriously. Whether your business consumes gas or power, or generates energy for the grid, our services are designed to help your organisation be greener.

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Consumer solutions
Options for generators
Other green solutions

Renewables for power consumers

Choose renewable power

The renewable electricity we supply is REGO verified – that’s Ofgem’s Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin. This ensures for every unit of power supplied, a generator produces an equivalent amount of green electricity. And for added peace of mind, we’ll tailor your renewable power supply contract to suit you.

Renewables for gas consumers

Green your gas supply

Our green gas is Renewable Energy Association approved. That means for every unit of gas we supply to you, an equivalent amount of green gas is put into the grid. Refined from biogas – produced when organic matter breaks down – green gas, or biomethane, is a low-carbon alternative to natural gas.

Generators –

We’re a renewable power buyer

Soon we will be offering a variety of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to suit you and your business. If you’re a renewable generator interested in selling your power, talk to our team directly at

reduction and

Speak to your sales executive if you are interested in offsetting your emissions, or optimising energy usage and efficiency to reduce your overall footprint. Alternatively, if you’re interested in installing renewable generation on-site at your business, contact the team at