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What is MEUC

The MEUC (Major Energy Users’ Council) is a progressive, responsive and inclusive corporate membership organization; consisting of an MEUC Team, members, supporters and wider stakeholders. It has for more than 30 years been providing vital information, contacts and networking to major energy and water using member companies in industry, commerce and the public sector; buying, managing, understanding and reducing energy, carbon and water costs and consumption.

We help members develop and maintain a competitive edge by minimising costs and usage and improving contractual terms and conditions. We do this by being a place to discuss best practice, understand the challenges and solutions others from the same and other sectors are putting in place and to gain insight and provide input into both policy and regulatory direction at a national and international level.

Member Companies range from datacentres to telecommunications; hospitals and councils to universities and retail chains; water companies to food processing; pharmaceuticals to chemicals; airports to rail networks; car manufacturers to aggregates; paper manufacturers to publishers and hospitality to technology providers. All gaining benefit from membership.

In the words of our members:

For more detail on the services we provide for member companies see our Membership page.
For more detail on the services we provide for supporting organisations see our Supporters page.
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Our Ethos, Vision and Strategy

To continually ensure we understand our purpose and strategy we work to a defined vision.


The organisation supports an effective, transparent and professional approach to delivering support services for end users in member companies.

Effective: helping its members to achieve and maintain significant energy and water cost and consumption savings.

Transparent: providing clear, concise and understandable analysis and comment on UK energy and water – markets, legislation, regulation, policy, compliance and planning; to make informed decisions.

Professional: bringing together members and invited stakeholders to highlight, discuss, share best practice and positively influence Government departments, regulators and energy agencies in shaping the UK’s current and future energy, environmental and water scenarios.


The organisation will continue to be the voice of utility users, which it has been for over 30 years through a fee-based membership platform, currently representing over 30 per cent of all I&C and public sector energy consumption in the UK.

The organisation will:

  • provide a hub of expertise to support member companies with buying, managing, understanding and reducing energy, carbon and water.
  • identify barriers to member companies and use the organisations framework to lobby policymakers.
  • put the member company first in its internal and external activities
  • increase the size of its’ membership to broaden its representation.


Provide timely information on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

Run an ‘advice on demand’ helpline and email service and undertake annual member visits to review and directly help with specific issues.

Schedule local and national events, training and policy group meetings to support industry insight, information and networking.

Maintain an open conversation with Government to inform and steer relevant policy.

Work with other stakeholders to drive standardisation and to offer and improve services to members and deliver monthly Benchmarking purchasing performance reports as a service.

Meet The Team

To contact the team email: info@meucnetwork.co.uk or 020 3432 0333
If you are a member sign in to see direct contact details.

Peter Roper

Having held numerous positions within the MEUC from magazine Editor to Commercial Director over the past decade, Peter’s aim is to continue to drive the organisation forward for the greater benefit of members. His plans include developing and expanding both the range and depth of services offered.

Robin Hale

Robin has been involved in energy sector membership associations for over 20 years, having previously spent time at both MEUC and ESTA. His wide-ranging skillset will help to implement a growing and sustainable strategy, continually challenge the team in terms of delivery and put members at the centre of future plans.

Lord Robin Teverson

Lord Robin Teverson, an economist by training, is a member of the House of Lords where he leads on energy and climate change issues. He was a Member of the European Parliament for Cornwall and West Plymouth between 1994 and 1999, becoming one of the first Liberal Democrats to be elected. Before entering the European Parliament, Robin spent 16 years in the freight industry.

Eddie Proffitt

Eddie represents the MEUC on several committees and working groups with government departments, the regulator, network operators and other industry groups. Highly experienced, he is also the lead expert advising and visiting members to discuss their energy issues and concerns.

Karma Loveday

Karma is a water sector specialist journalist, with over 19 years’ experience of researching and writing about the industry.
Karma chairs the MEUC’s Water Competition Group and Water Market Policy Group. She also provides a monthly information bulletin to MEUC members on all relevant water issues.

Don McGarrigle

Don has represented the views of customers on many Electricity Supply Industry working groups.
He provides advice to Industry and Commerce on the benefits arising from competitive Electricity and Gas Markets. His specialist subject is Flexible Contract Arrangements for both gas and electricity commodities.

Richard Koszykowski

Richard has worked within the UK energy sector for 30 years. He has extensive experience of all the industry’s key processes, from metering and data collection to retailing and regulatory issues. He has worked for major energy suppliers, energy consultancies, data collectors and meter operators.

Sandra Barradas

Sandra’s main role includes looking after the sponsorship programme and liaison with venues to ensure the smooth running of our events, conferences and meetings. In addition to co-ordinating speakers, Sandra also looks after delegates. She is also responsible for the efficient running of the MEUC office through a range of administrative, financial and managerial tasks. Sandra is also Assistant Editor for the quarterly membership magazine.

Claire Slade

Claire looks after our data management requirements and making sure we are GDPR compliant. She also looks after our website, social media coverage and events administration.

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