Introducing the new MEUC Associate Membership.

Tailored to accommodate companies that are not end users but wish to engage with MEUC’s resources, knowledge, and community without the need for personalised advice or exhibiting options.

Key Features of MEUC Associate Membership:

Engagement: Associate Members become a vital part of the MEUC Community, connecting with MEUC Members, Supporters and the wider MEUC network. This engagement offers the opportunity to gain valuable insights, forge business relationships and form collaborations, as well as expanding industry reach.

Networking Opportunities: Associate Members gain entry to MEUC’s dynamic Spring and Autumn Conferences, House of Lords networking reception as well as a range of webinars, facilitating relationships within the industry and ensuring access to best practices and market insights.

Access to Information: Associate Members will receive the essential Member publications, including the Weekly Newsletter, Monthly Energy Snapshots, Quarterly Energy Briefing, and the quarterly magazine “Buying and Using Utilities”. These publications will keep you informed about current news, trends, developments, and insights in the energy and water sector.

Event podcasts and on-demand presentations: All presentations from our last 3 years of events are available to Members online.

Training: MEUC’s comprehensive training programs are available to Associate Members, equipping them with a solid foundation in the energy industry and contributing to their professional development.

Attendance at Spring and Autumn Conferences
Access to vast resources library
including previous issues of all publications
and on-demand content
Attendance at Energy and Water Update Meetings
Attendance at Member-only Meetings
Weekly Newsletter
Monthly Snapshots
Quarterly Briefing
Attendance at Topic Forum meetings
Free place on Training Courses
Attendance at House of Lords Reception
Benchmarking (Optional)
Representation on Stakeholder Committees
Members’ Helpline
Annual Teams meeting
Supporter page
Directory Entry on website and in B+UU

Additional Benefit for Associate Members:

Associate Membership also includes a bespoke page in the Supporters’ Directory section on MEUC’s website. Your fully customisable page features a bespoke URL and includes your company contact information and chosen content – text, links, pdfs, images, and videos. Your page also includes a personalised contact form, providing an additional method of contact for potential clients and partners. The flexibility offered in terms of content allows for branding that closely mirrors that of your own company website.

Cost-Savings without Compromise: Associate Membership, just £3450 +vat per year to be part of the MEUC Community and benefit from MEUC’s extensive resources.

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