We are pleased to let you know that the latest Power Responsive Guide to Demand Side Response has now been published.

This guide is a great starting point for anybody looking to understand the demand side proposition, and access additional revenue by providing Balancing Services to National Grid ESO or your local DNO, whether directly or through a third party.

Businesses from many sectors including manufacturing, health services, retail, and transport, to name just a few, are continuing to support our energy system. There are likely to be opportunities whatever your business.

Aggregators and suppliers are numerous, and their support can be extremely valuable in helping to identify flexibility opportunities where you might not think possible.

Can’t see the DSR Guide? pdf to download

Click through to view pdf

Four short webinars providing you with the detail behind the text
Reserve Services
Frequency Response Services
Wider Access to the Balancing Mechanism
The Capacity Market

There are six chapters links to each can be clicked through to below:

Chapter 1:
The growing need for flexibility

Chapter 2:
Using flexibility to reduce charges

Chapter 3:
Demand side flexibility opportunities

Chapter 4:
Accessing the schemes

Chapter 5:
Electricity storage for industrial and commercial energy users

Chapter 6:
Case studies of demand side response and storage schemes