Welcome to the MEUC Community, where industry leaders come together to shape the future of the energy and water sectors. By becoming a MEUC Supporter, your company gains a unique opportunity to provide energy and water supply, services, technology, and management solutions to our esteemed ‘Major Energy User’ members.

Why become an MEUC Supporter?

Unparalleled Exposure

  • Elevate your company’s profile through high-value customer relationships.
  • Gain exposure at exclusive events and on our dedicated website.

Community Insight

  • Understand the MEUC community and its significance in the energy and water sectors.
  • Explore the benefits of supporting MEUC for your business.

The MEUC events give us a great opportunity to catch up with existing customers as well as prospect for new opportunities. The quality of the presentations are impressive and always relevant to the key issues facing our industry
Jack Goodson, Head of Corporate Sales, Corona Energy

Listen in on what MEUC is and what Supporting MEUC is about.

Who’s in Our Community?

Networking within the MEUC Community is a key benefit for Supporters. MEUC’s community offers a rich network within the UK’s retail, manufacturing and public sectors, ideal for expanding your customer base. We can provide the opportunity for introductions and conversations with large consumers considering their own future strategy for diverse generation.

Embrace open discussions across various Industrial and Commercial (I&C) sectors.
Connect with major energy and water users for meaningful engagement.

Engage with regulators, government departments, legal and finance professionals, network infrastructure providers, NGOs, and other associations.

Join companies from diverse disciplines, such as energy and water retailers, performance contractors, consultancies, service providers, manufacturers, and new entrants.

Utilise MEUC’s platform to engage with major energy users, generate leads, and enhance your brand through advertising, editorial content, and insightful sessions.

Understand why you should allocate part of your marketing budget to take advantage of what our special community has to offer.

Your Opportunity:

  • Engage with cross-sector major energy and water users.
  • Leverage MEUC’s central hub for information, insight, lobbying, representation, and peer support.
  • Tailor your engagement through website profiles, journal articles, mailshots, exhibition stands, conference presentations, and webinars.

What We Deliver:

Events, Meetings and Webinars

  • Benefit from MEUC’s conference content, curated by experienced energy sector organisers.
  • Engage in targeted discussions and gain ongoing exposure through recorded presentations.
  • Participate in bespoke webinars for in-depth conversations.
  • Enhance your visibility through a variety of formats.

Buying+Using Utilities

Feature in MEUC’s quarterly journal, reaching the UK’s largest energy consumers, government bodies, regulators, and network providers.

Directory Entry:

A dedicated branded page on the MEUC Website with your chosen content (including: logo and description, contact details, Media Rich Content, case studies, mp4, pdf, links to external resources, dedicated contact form)
Customise your page for optimal branding and contact opportunities. See the examples below.

MEUC consistently provide high quality events bringing together major energy consumers with expert energy professionals to collectively address the energy trilemma of cost, sustainability and energy security.
Kevin Jackson, Act Consulting on behalf of Entrnce

Supporter Packages:

Packages run for 12 months, with options for bespoke offerings.

Explore opportunities beyond standard packages, such as training sessions, guidebooks, surveys, and corporate hospitality.

Why Choose MEUC?

  • Gain qualified leads, increase visibility, and contribute to the continually evolving MEUC community.
  • Benefit from a platform to provide information, launch products, and influence non-domestic policy.
  • Become a valued member of the MEUC Community and tap into extensive resources for your marketing and sales success.

Start your journey as an MEUC Supporter
If you’d like understand more about the detail, demographics and targeted opportunities for your business, get in touch with robin.hale@meuc.co.uk