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Carlton Carbon are market leaders in carbon management and renewable energy project development, providing an end-to-end service in an ever-changing energy market. We offer risk management, price analysis, and procurement services for the EU and UK Emissions Trading System, while working with you to reduce your emissions and switch to renewable energy.

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Emissions Procurement

We provide a carbon strategy that mitigates risk, analysing fundamentals and political price drivers to give you all the necessary information required to confidently manage your carbon position.

We have in an inhouse trading team that can flexibly execute transactions in real time on the carbon market. Carlton Carbon is well positioned to secure allowances for clients for ETS compliance, as well as enabling clients to transact their carbon positions.


We work with our clients on their journey to switch from traditional fossil fuels to green, renewable energy.

Carlton Power group are currently developing a number of green hydrogen production facilities around the UK. Three initial projects have been submitted to BEIS for funding support: Barrow Green Hydrogen, Trafford Green Hydrogen and Langage Green Hydrogen.

A further tranche of developments are under way with our partners in the UK ETS, enabling them to reduce costs from the purchase of carbon allowances.

Carbon Offsets

We are partners in Griot Ltd, a social impact company investing in emerging economies.

We invest in and develop environmental projects around the world that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the livelihoods of local communities while preserving biodiversity and wildlife. The projects generate carbon credits from the reduction in fossil fuel consumption.

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