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About us
We are a leading provider of energy for UK businesses, dedicated to helping businesses buy and use it more efficiently. In addition to supporting customers with energy purchasing and risk management via our award-winning Optimisation Desk, we offer a full range of energy management solutions to help optimise the way your business consumes energy.

In all the history of UK energy supply, there has probably never been a more pressing time to understand how the energy we use is generated, traded and supplied – as well as all the different components that influence the price we pay for this vital commodity.

That’s why we’re creating a series of ‘Energy Made Simple’ reports – to provide a straight-forward explanation of all the key aspects of energy that will help you become more informed about the power and gas your business consumes.

We hope you find them useful.

Vital insight to make energy easier to understand

With businesses still reeling from such a steep jump in gas and electricity prices, we take a closer at UK supply – how this has changed and what sources contribute to our energy generation mix today. And crucially, how this impacts the cost. Discover more

Energy market drivers explained

There are various political, geographical and environmental drivers that influence how the UK energy markets behave. The most dramatic example we’re likely to see in our lifetime is the terrible crisis that’s unfolded in Ukraine. But in the UK, we rely very little on Russian fuel imports. So why are our gas prices rising? Find out more

Understanding the UK energy market: a focus on commodity costs

We’ve put together a short video to provide you with an overview of the main drivers that are contributing to the instability in the market today. Watch here.

Network charges explained

While commodity costs are fairly straightforward to understand, non-commodity charges are certainly less clear. That’s why we’ve turned our focus to infrastructure costs – how electricity and gas are organised from generator or source, to the transmission and distribution networks – along with who manages what, and how these are charged. Find out more.

Policy related charges explained

Did you know what green levies you pay for as part of your energy invoice? Do you know how much they cost and how they’re set to increase? If not, take a look at latest report that explores what these policy-related charges are, what they’re designed to do – and how they impact the price your business pays for energy. Discover more.

Understanding the UK energy market: a focus on non-commodity costs

We’ve put together a short video to help you understand the network charges and green policy levies added to energy invoices – and what’s set to change. Watch here.

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