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Drax is the UK’s largest source of renewable electricity by output. We supply that power – plus added-value energy services – to the country’s businesses and other organisations.

Relying on sustainable biomass, hydro-electric power and pumped hydro storage, our generation assets provide essential support services to the UK energy system and are vital to its security of supply.

To help tackle the climate crisis, we’re progressing options for bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS). At Drax Power Station, we plan to use BECCS to permanently remove 8Mt of carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere each year by 2030. Overseas, we aim to deliver 4Mt of negative emissions annually by the same date.

Drax is also the world’s second largest producer of sustainable biomass. The current annual capacity of our 18 sites in the US and Canada is 4.8 million tonnes (Mt) of biomass pellets, and we’re targeting 8Mt per year by 2030. Some of this is for self-use, with the remainder being sold to Asia, Europe and other markets.
We employ over 3,200 people in the UK, Japan and North America.

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