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On-Site Energy Ltd is your partner for delivery of innovative, comprehensive energy efficiency, energy generation and carbon reduction solutions. We overcome capex & payback blockages with a zero fee, fully-funded off-balance sheet structure. Our data-led, vendor agnostic approach specifies appropriate resilient solutions, and we leverage our team’s experience in global manufacturing to execute.


“On-Site’s bid presented the best business case and was the most innovative solution. On-Site have continued to work with us during the design phase to optimise the technical solution and have demonstrated a flexible approach to overcoming project challenges” Facilities Manager, Automotive Manufacturing, Liverpool

“On-Site Energy presented fresh, innovative energy savings ideas and realistic business cases to Youngs Seafood for several of our sites. Since engaging with them, we have found them great to work with.” Darren Grady, Group Engineering Director, Youngs Seafoods

Join us on our Partner Webinar with MEUC as we explore cost savings, innovation and heat recovery.
27 October (11.00 – 12.30) – details here

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