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EDF are Britain’s biggest generator of zero carbon electricity. Helping Britain’s Businesses and Public Sector achieve Net Zero by continuously investing in and enabling access to zero carbon energy and technology.

EDF are ready to support you, wherever you are on your journey to Net Zero. Get in touch today.

Learn from real business examples how EDF can help you make steps towards achieving Net Zero.

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There’s never been a more urgent time to start your Net Zero journey – But it’s not something you have to do alone. We’re happy to help. Wherever you are on the road to reducing your carbon emissions, we’ve suggested nine planet-saving changes your organisation can do right now. Read more…

Watch On the road to Net Zero with Edrington and Community Windpower. How we helped match Scottish Distilleries to a local renewable energy source.


EDF and JPMorgan Chase collaborate to power the firm’s UK operations with 100 percent renewable energy in real time. Read more…

  • 24/7 renewable energy supply helps support JPMorgan Chase’s annual commitment to operational carbon neutrality
  • Electricity consumed is matched in real time to renewable generation using blockchain-based energy-tracking technology

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