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Granular Energy is a software provider that specialises in clean energy management solutions for utilities, energy managers, traders, and large energy buyers worldwide.

By choosing to eliminate emissions from their energy supply, all organisations and individuals can help get us to a carbon-free world faster. We provide the tools to enable this.

Our tools enable utilities and energy industry professionals to save time and costs in managing their energy attribute certificates, and meet the needs of their customers for next-generation, enhanced transparency green offers.

Where your energy comes from is the most important consumer choice there is. With greater transparency, consumers and their energy providers can work together to accelerate the switch to carbon-free energy.

— Toby Ferenczi, Co-Founder and CEO

A carbon-free electricity system is essential to any future society.

To get there faster, we need to evolve the electricity market to drive massive investment in clean energy technologies like renewables and storage. Capitalising on the recent emergence of robust, tradeable, time-stamped energy certificates, Granular Energy is creating solutions to track where energy comes from hour by hour, creating an important price signal for energy storage and flexibility, alongside more clean energy generation.

We envision a world powered by sustainable and renewable energy, where every organisation has access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy. By providing innovative software solutions and driving forward-thinking energy programs, we empower energy providers and end-customers alike to achieve sustainability goals. Our goal is to be a leader in the energy transition and enable a renewable first and focused system.

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