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We help businesses to achieve better efficiency and sustainability while lowering utility costs. As one of the UK’s leading water retailers, we support over 300,000 businesses, from SMEs to large industrial and commercial sites as well as local authorities and NHS Trusts. Our Active Water Management services are designed to monitor your water use, detect potential leaks and provide you with water-saving solutions. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business drive down its water and energy use, save carbon and reduce bills.

Our work

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s some of the ways our Active Water Management services have helped customers to reduce their water usage, lower energy use and save money.

Case Studies

Nearly £7,000 in savings for financial services
Unexpectedly high bills often mean there’s an underlying issue. After our customer saw their average daily consumption had increased from 0.63m3 to 12.63m3 in six months they knew they had to find out what was going on.
Read more here

Helping Glasgow City Council increase water efficiency in schools
An Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) is used to analyse water consumption and spot unusual patterns. After the council’s AMR saw unexpected consumption in 11 primary schools during out of hour periods, we knew we needed to investigate. Read more here

Billing charges extinguished as fire station saves £9,000
The Water Industry Act 1991 says that water companies should not charge for water used for firefighting, training or testing equipment. When our customer raised the issue that they had been paying the Wholesaler, we stepped in. Read more here

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Latest News

National water retailer Wave has won three competitive tenders as part of the firm’s continued public sector growth.

Building on its expertise in the sector, Wave has been awarded two new national frameworks with North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) and a collaborative framework developed by YPO, ESPO, TEC and West Mercia Energy, plus a new regional framework from Manchester City Council which benefits organisations in the north west.

Services will be delivered over the next four years under the new direct award frameworks, with a focus on driving water and energy efficiencies and providing cost savings.

These frameworks have been developed to offer a reliable, inclusive provider for public sector organisations. By joining one of the frameworks, customers will benefit from a compliant route to market, high-quality customer service, competitive pricing, access to water efficiency measures and social and environmental value.

In demonstrating its capabilities and track record, Wave ranked first for quality on all three bids, so framework customers can be assured that quality standards are met.

During the process, Wave’s social value offering was highly commended, such as the firm commitments made to water and carbon reduction targets. It has also pledged to green initiatives to benefit customers and communities and deliver social value. Wave’s commitments to environmental improvements were also recognised recently when the business was named as Water Retailer of the Year at the Water Industry Awards.

Tony March, Wave’s Director of Public Sector & Industrial Customers, said: “We’re delighted to be awarded these three new direct award frameworks. Having worked with public organisations for many years, we understand the challenges they face and the diverse nature of the sector.

“With over 60 public sector organisations now signed up and more now coming on board, the strengths and benefits of the frameworks are being enjoyed by both new and existing customers. We’re very much looking forward to working with customers who would like to join us via these frameworks to add financial and social value to their contracts.”

YPO’s energy category manager, Carmen Emmerson, said: “This framework provides an established water partner for the public sector, providing organisations with an excellent standard of service at a good price. Plus, they’ll be able to access efficiency services that deliver broad benefits and savings. Wave has demonstrated a strong track record in the public sector, and through our tender process it is clear they understand the challenges in this sector and how they can add value and bring about positive change.”

Marie Perriam, category specialist at NEPO, said: “Quality customer service coupled with environmental and social value is of the highest importance to us, which is why we chose to work with Wave. We think their approach to CSR is leading the way within the industry. We were very impressed by their bid, so much so that it’s now being used as a benchmark for future tenders.”

In addition to winning the three direct award tenders, Wave has retained its place on the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Water, Wastewater and Ancillary Services framework until 2024 as well as the LASER framework, both of which support public organisations in finding services that help them be more efficient and improve resilience.

Wave has entered into a partnership with SaveMoneyCutCarbon, a leading energy, water and carbon reduction specialist, to help their mid market and large, multi-site commercial customers to reduce their carbon emissions, water and energy usage and make their operations more sustainable.
Wave have previously announced their ambition to work together with their customers to help them cut carbon and reduce their water consumption. As part of this new partnership, Wave customers will be able to draw upon SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s specialist advice by booking a free video call with a SaveMoneyCutCarbon mentor. Together they will explore the ways in which customers can reduce their carbon footprint whilst saving money by using water and energy more sustainably. Options may include carbon reduction audits, supply and installation of energy and water saving projects; and support with ESG reporting.

Speaking on behalf of Wave, Oli Shelley, Head of Operations said: “We’re really excited about this partnership with SaveMoneyCutCarbon. As a business, we’ve not only set ourselves the target to become net zero by 2030 but we’re also committed to working with our customers across the UK to cut CO2 emissions by 3.7 million kg by 2026. The expertise our customers will have access to through SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s Carbon Mentors will provide valuable support and direction on their journey to net zero.”

In a comment from SaveMoneyCutCarbon, Mark Sait, CEO, said: “Companies across the UK want to do more to cut carbon and reduce costs but need clear guidance on the most effective ways to achieve their goals.
We’re here to help and will be supporting Wave’s customers, using our platform, tools, proven products and delivery capabilities. It’s a time of transformative change and we have unique knowledge and expertise to help deliver the national retrofit needed in the UK’s domestic and commercial building stock, turbo-charging companies’ adoption of energy and water efficiency to achieve the UK’s net zero carbon target. Our vision is to become the ‘go to’ brand for homes and organisations that want to cut consumption, reduce their carbon footprint and be more sustainable. And collaborations like this really work for everyone and the planet.”

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