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At SEFE Energy, we’re more than just an energy supplier. In fact, we’re a leading non-domestic energy supplier with over 50,000 customers across Europe.

We help organisations solve some of their biggest challenges, so they can get on with doing what they do best: delivering products and services used by millions of people across Europe every day.

We have a passion for customer service, and we pride ourselves on being a partner for our customers. Our dedicated team of specialists are always looking for ways to help our customers achieve their energy goals.

Flexible-purchasing business gas
Complete control. Risk Management. Go flexible with us.

Built for budgets with more breathing room, an adaptable approach to your business gas For informed purchasing decisions, our flexible gas contracts put the energy market at your advantage – and puts you back in control of your business energy costs.

If you have experience in the market, you can balance risks with potential reductions by paying the true cost of your gas over the contract’s duration.

SEFE Energy ICL Case Study pdf to download

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Flexible-purchasing business electricity
Complete control. Risk management. Give Flexible a go.

Flexible electricity for adaptable businesses, more control over your costs and the power to make smarter buying decisions.

For businesses wanting to make smart moves in an ever-changing energy market, a flexible electricity contract can pay off.

If you’re a multi-site, medium to large business or organisation with a dedicated energy manager or energy procurement team, see how you can take advantage by adding some flexibility to your approach to business electricity.


Invest in your future

Our renewable electricity products

By strengthening the bond between sustainability goals and sourcing strategy, our renewable electricity helps businesses to improve their sustainability efforts.

You can choose from a variety of sources to match your electricity supply with renewable electricity generated from wind, solar and hydro or a biomass source to cut down on any effects your operations might be having on the environment.

We’ll source a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) too, a scheme run by Ofgem, to prove your electricity comes from renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly sources.

Our renewable gas products

Whether you know it by green gas or biogas, our renewable approach lets businesses invest in sustainable gas – simply and effectively. Taken from a variety of sources, biomethane can derive from elements such as agriculture activity, food waste or domestic waste.

As a renewable gas customer, we’ll also supply your business with a Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO) certificate for added assurance. The RGGO scheme is run by the Green Gas Certification Scheme and proves your gas comes from a renewable source. Your gas is tracked through the supply chain, so you can measure and reduce your environmental impact.

Securing Energy for Europe

At SEFE Energy, we’re proud to be part of SEFE, led by SEFE Securing Energy for Europe, headquartered in Berlin.

As an integrated midstream energy company, SEFE ensures the security of energy supply in Europe and drives the green energy transformation. SEFE is active in trading & portfolio management, sales, transportation, and storage of energy, employing around 1,500 people and supplying over 50,000 customers in various European markets.

Together, we play a central role in the stability of the energy supply in Europe.

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