Metering: The journey to NET ZERO is nothing without it
1 July 2021 – 2 to 4pm

A multi-stakeholder group meeting focused exclusively on water metering issues – reads, asset data, fixing meters, smart metering, data standards, open sharing and much more. Alongside our members, the group will feature representatives of Ofwat, MOSL, wholesalers, retailers and metering technology providers. Chatham House rules apply.

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14.00Welcome and Introduction
Robin Hale, Chief Executive, MEUC and Karma Loveday, Water Adviser, MEUC
Round-the-table introductions
All participants to introduce name, company, job responsibility
Strategic Metering Review – scope, goals, timescales
Martin Hall, Market Improvement Lead, MOSL
Metering – a retailer perspective
Oli Shelley, Head of Operations, Wave Utilities
Part A: Open discussion, to gauge MEUC members’ views on the following:
Current experience – what’s your water metering experience today? What are the consequences for your organisation?
What would a good water metering experience look like?
What are your priority areas for action? What should MOSL focus on in its Strategic Metering Review? (quick wins/structural changes)
What are the barriers to better outcomes? How can we overcome them? Who needs to do what?
How should metering improvements be funded and paid for? (How much) Are you willing to pay for accurate data?
Lessons from energy – what positives would you take from metering in energy? What would you like to change or not want to see repeated in water?
Part B: Discussion of specific issues, potentially to include:
Meter reading – roles/responsibilities; central system read requirements; billing links (estimated reads); read frequency; access issues; meter reading cost issues
Long unread meters
Meter ownership and maintenance/replacement
Data quality
Metering standards and data ownership/sharing – appetite for interoperability/standardisation, technology/comms needs, who should have access and how?
Incentives and disincentives – are existing metering performance pain/gain mechanisms for wholesalers and retailers adequate to galvanise the right behaviours? What would you like to see?
Metering technology – appetite for AMR and smart metering; smart meter rollout; views on a future metering technology strategy for water
Links between metering and water efficiency
15.50Next Steps