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Switching water supplier has never been easier!

There’s been no way to effectively seek comparable deals from the entire water retail market…until now!

If you’re unhappy with the level of service you are receiving from your water supplier, or simply want to find out if you could save money by getting better rates elsewhere, then you can use the unique live tendering  platform to approach every water retailer.

Businesses and non domestic customers, if you compare the business water market and switch water supplier you can reduce your water bills by as much as 25 percent.

So what are the benefits when you compare the business water market and switch water supplier?

The service is the only site in the UK developed and headed by water industry experts Husband and Wife team Graham and Nicky Mann, having both worked in the water industry for over 30 years.

The knowledge and expertise gained within the industry enables them to provide a service in the water retail market which is unmatched.

Saving money on your water bills, by comparing business water quotes that are tailored to suit your business or organisation, savings on average are 30 percent including the water audit there may also be a refund of historical overcharges going back up to 10 years!

Customer service.

You will experience a significant improvement in customer service as you will be supported by water industry experts that will resolve any issues on your behalf.

Tailored service

The service will be tailored to suit your exacting requirements, from single site to multiple sites nationwide, your bills will be consolidated onto one single water bill.

How to compare the business water market and switch water supplier.

We will register your business and create an account with our business switching portal

We will then add your business / organisations property details

With your property and water supply details completed we are now ready to go out to the whole market, all water retailers now have the opportunity to bid for your business in a competitive tender environment.

One click and your tender goes live to the whole market.

Water retailers submit their responses offering you the best value deals

You can watch the whole process if you wish live on screen for the 60 minutes the tender is live (after market data is received)

After the 60 minutes the process stops and you will receive a copy of the pricing details submitted.

Choose your supplier and our account directors will arrange and manage the switch to the new supplier.

Switching made simple!

What next? Email or call us on 0330 055 2532

UK Businesses and Public Sector to be hit by huge rises in water bills from 1st April 2023 up to 20 percent ! • March 29, 2023

The news we in the water market have been waiting for, increases in water bills, and lets not forget the wastewater bills.

There were expectations in the market of above inflation increases and the water suppliers certainly delivered on expectations.

If your business is in the Anglian Water region the wholesale water charges are up 16.7 percent. If you factor in the water retail charges on top of that it would certainly tip the scales at up to 20 percent increase.

Then there are the wastewater or sewerage charges up 8.2 percent again factor in the water retail margin and you are looking at 10 percent plus.

Businesses supplied by Thames Water will be hit for sure as Thames Water wholesale charges for water are up 15.2 percent plus the retail margin and again you are tipping the scales at 20 percent. Then the wastewater which are up 11.1 percent, add the retail margin makes this a possible 15 percent increase.

The implications of the increases will vary due to the geographical locations of businesses as charges do vary quite considerably for example: –

United Utilities – metered charges are up 8.4 percent and measured sewerage charges 13.8 percent. Then there are surface water and highways drainage charges in addition to your metered water and wastewater charges. These charges are for collection and the disposal of rainwater that lands on your roofs, paths and private roads that discharge to United Utilities wastewater systems.

These charges are dependant on the measured site area of your property, the larger the site area the more you pay. These charges are increasing by 8.4 percent for surface water and highways drainage.

Manufacturing and production companies will see their trade effluent charges increase, at the top end in Anglians Water up 15.3 percent. This is the waste water discharged to water company sewers delivered from water used in production processes such as waste products, cleaning down and waste from production processes.

Check out the full list of measured wholesale charges, who is your wholesale provider?

Don’t forget these are wholesale charges so to ascertain the increases you’ll need to add an average water retail margin and if you haven’t switched water supplier you will be paying on default charges, the water retail margin will be much higher and you could be talking 10-12 percent default retail margin in England and in Scotland much higher.

So why pay more ? and what action could you take to make a difference and off set the prices increases?

The latest round of increases in water bills will pile on more pressure on the bottom line of all business and public sector organisations.

If your business or organisation has not switched water supplier or your existing supply contract is up for renewal now or very soon, now is the time to go out to the water market and tender your water, wastewater and trade effluent supply contract on the UK’s only business water rates comparison site. It’s independant, impartial and transparent and governed by OFWAT’s Voluntary Customer Codes of Conduct
Send us your water billing data and this will be uploaded onto the platform and sent out to all water retailers who have a licence with requests to pitch for your water supply contract on a live tender platform which will compare business water supplier.
Whether your sites are in Scotland or England the platform will run tenders in any water company region to all business water suppliers @
Both business and public sector organisations need not worry about uploading their water billing data as a team of water industry experts will do this for you.
All you need to do is supply either copy bills of the billing data including the supply point IDs (SPIDS).

Wait a minute – what are spids ?

Spid stands for supply point identifier (or supply point ID) it is a reference number that tells the water supplier and the water retail company which water supply belongs to which business or organisation was developed and now managed by a team of water industry experts, with decades of water industry knowledge and expertise, focused on reducing water and wastewater costs for your business or organisation.

To switch business water supplier and to drive down your water bills call today on 03300552532 or email and speak to our team of experts who are always happy to help.

The Role of Business In Managing Global Water Shortages

One of the biggest causes of ecological degradation around the world is the over-abstraction of water taken from aquifers, rivers, lakes and chalk streams.

And global businesses are by far the biggest water users of them all, with almost two-thirds of water consumption being used to support corporate supply chains.

The Nature Conservancy highlights the fact that there have been numerous events around the world that have seen water shortages and pollution cause serious disruption to business operations, or causing damage to brand reputations.

For example, protests in Kerala in India saw Coca-Cola forced to shut down one of its bottling plants in 2005 after a local villager claimed that its operations had caused the wells to dry up, as well as polluting soil and groundwater with sludge disposal. This, in turn, led to an anti-Coke campaign being carried out at universities as far away as the US.

And manufacturers had to stop buying cotton grown in the Aral Sea region, because irrigation diversions reduced the sea to a quarter of its size and chemical-laced dust and salt blown in from the lakeshore went on to cause an outbreak of cancer.

By 2030, UN predictions indicate that demand for water will outstrip supply by 40 per cent, driven by population growth, climate change, more frequent and intense extreme weather events, over-exploitation of resources, water mismanagement, ageing infrastructure and pollution.

Because water is a shared resource, it will be imperative for collective action to take place – particularly from a business perspective. The World Economic Forum goes into detail on this topic, suggesting that what’s necessary is “concerted, collective action” to make sure there is sufficient water for everyone in the future.

“The competition for scarce water resources is not a battle the corporate world can resolve by working alone. To stay in business, maintain good relations with local communities and protect their licence to operate, it makes much more sense for businesses to join forces to preserve water resources and protect basins that are at risk,” it was observed.

To that end, the Water Resilience Coalition has been set up, a CEO-led initiative of the CEO Water Mandate, which is a collaboration between the Pacific Institute and the UN Global Compact.

By joining this group, businesses are committing to preserving freshwater resources around the world in three different ways. First of all, they’ll achieve this by achieving net positive water impact in water-stressed basins they operate within, ensuring that their contributions surpass the water stress impact they have.

Businesses in the coalition also pledge to support water resilience throughout their entire supply chain and, thirdly, to work to raise awareness of water-related issues through both corporate and public advocacy.

Big-name brands have already made good progress in this regard. For example, Levi Strauss now uses up to 96 per cent less water for its denim finishing processes than it used to – and has successfully saved over three billion litres of water thus far.

And tech corp Microsoft recently tested out a submarine data centre, which eliminates the need for freshwater cooling processes altogether.

Thus far, 27 prominent businesses have signed up to the coalition, but the goal now is to increase this to 150 to enjoy even greater influence over global water use.

By 2030, the aim is to have a positive water impact in 100 basins facing water stress issues and to ensure access to safe water and sanitation for over 300 million people.

How to improve your water stewardship

Without taking action now, businesses run the risk of serious operative disruption in the future – but the good news is that there are lots of ways in which corporate water stewardship can be improved.

Recognising just how essential water is to your operations is a must, as well as understanding how lack of access to resources in sufficient quantities or of the right quality could have a significant impact – no matter what industry or sector you’re in.

By becoming a water steward, you will gain a deeper understanding of your own water usage and consumption within the context of your particular water catchment, as well as the risks involved in water balance.

Once you’ve considered all the risks associated with water, including regulatory, financial, reputational and physical, you will then be able to introduce the most effective strategies to minimise the risks relevant to you, ensuring that your business remains resilient and robust – and operating in a more sustainable way over the long term.

A great first step to take towards improving your water stewardship is to have a water audit carried out across your site. This will show you how and where you use water and which measures you need to take in order to reduce wastage.

You could also have a water footprint assessment carried out so you can see your direct and indirect usage habits and set achievable targets in place to help you drive your footprint down.

The Alliance for Water Stewardship has a global standard for water stewardship that could prove interesting reading, a globally applicable framework designed for major water users to help them understand their water use and the impacts it has.

It also provides guidance on collaborative and transparent ways of working to prioritise water management within catchments, with the aim being to deliver social, environmental and economic benefits at scale.

If you’re not sure where to begin and feel as though you need a bit of help and guidance, get in touch with the team here at today to see how we can help support you in your drive to become more water efficient now and well into the future.

Hot Topic: What Is Water Neutrality?

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What is and how does it bring value to the UK water retail market

The water retail market was deregulated April 2017 allowing none-household customers such as businesses, charities and public sector organisation to switch water supplier. Giving customers the freedom and choice to chose a different water supplier.

In August 2020 was born, enabling none domestic customers to access the entire water retail market to get a better deal on their water supply charges.

Bringing simplicity to the tender and switching process, and by accessing the whole market giving all water retailers the opportunity to bid for the business on a live tender platform.

At the end of the 60 minute process a report is generated and sent to the customer listing the various bids, the customer choses their supplier and facilitates the switch “Switching made simple”

The SWS platform, unlike a water energy broker is independent, impartial and transparent and not tied to any one water retailer as say an agent.

Brokers will generally only deal with two or three retailers or in some cases only one so the customer will only receive one maybe two pricing deals. This is of course not representative of the whole market and anticompetitive if there are 20+ water retailers.

Why would a customer settle for a proposed deal from one supplier when they can choose to go out to the whole market and obtain water supply proposals at the touch of a button in a structured competitive environment.

At the end of the day the customer decides and has a choice, providing the broker has been honest in informing the customer they are agents for only one or two specific water retailers, that is fine if not they must fully inform their customers.

There are an increasing number of energy and sustainability consultants that are joining SWS as strategic partners which gives them free access to tender their clients water supply contracts on the SWS platform, they recognise the benefits of independence, impartiality and transparency.

Also, other high value benefits to customers which are not available from most energy consultants and brokers – water audits. They are conducted in order to identify savings and refunds due to historical billing errors.

This is an absolute must as water billing data is often incorrect, for example: – a strategic partner that operates in the energy space uploaded the water billing data for a client in the North West, the end result was a saving of £3,800 a year for switching water supplier and during the process a water audit revealed an annual over charge of £6,000 per year and a refund of £35,000.

Not only do customers benefit from switching they also benefit from auditing of historical water data, ensuring the customers pay the correct charges going forwards and they can tap into further benefits such as water efficiency, water leak detection and many other water and waste water services focused on efficiency and cost reduction.

The benefits of to the water retail market are wide and varied for example: –

Stimulating customer engagement with the water retail market, and in the process generating more businesses for water retailers.

Assisting and advising customers on how to reduce water consumption and waste water discharges, so that they can achieve their sustainability targets and ensuring customers charges are correct going forwards.

Promoting water efficiency and carbon reduction

Helping the energy management sector engage with the water retail market by working together in strategic partnerships.

In the process of switching water supplier and auditing customer bills incorrect wholesale market data is being corrected ensuring customers are billed correctly by the water retail market going forwards.

Upholding standards in the water retail market by adopting the regulator – OFWAT Principles for Voluntary Codes of Conduct and leading by example.

Independent – Impartial – Transparent

Can’t see this? pdf to download

Can’t see this? pdf to download

Can’t see this? pdf to download

Can’t see this? pdf to download

Can’t see this? pdf to download

So are you looking to compare business water prices and switching water supplier?

The Open Water Market as its known was established in April 2017 allowing businesses like yours to switch business water supplier, which will result in lower water bills as opposed to being charged on a default retail basis.

So why pay more?

Well many business do as they are simply unaware they can switch water supplier.

There are many water retail companies that hold a water retail licence, they buy water and wastewater services from wholesaler water supply companies and resell these services to you the customer, plus of course adding a margin of profit to cover overheads of the retailer. These margins in any market are different from one retailer to the next. Their service levels, bills, also charges and tariffs are different dependent on the geographical locations of your sites.

So it really does pay to shop around and compare business water prices and tariffs.

Switching water supplier will reduce your water bills but you probably know that already, there are 3 options open to you in order to compare business water prices.

The first option is D.I.Y, yep you do it yourself.

You obtain a list of all water retail companies serving England and Scotland which can be found on the Open Water website “Water and wastewater retailers serving England” and for Scotland via WICS (Water Industry Commission Scotland). There you will find a comprehensive list of the water retailers and make contact with one or more and discuss your requirements in more detail.

Whether you have a small, medium or large portfolio this way can be quite tedious, especially if your not fully up to speed with how the water retail market works, the D.I.Y approach is quite high risk.

There are numerous different charges and tariffs and a seemingly small mistake can lead to higher charges as a unit rate can be lower but considering a higher fixed charge on a high usage charge can often cost more in the long run.

Then there is a water retail contract, there are examples for instance of the standing charges being incorrectly quoted resulting in overpayments of £30,000 over a 3 year contract term. What sometimes on the face of it seems a good deal may well not be.

Other areas that often get overlooked are rollover contracts, for example the contract may stipulate a minimum of 30 days notice of termination is required as the contract approaches anniversary date, one day over and you could fall into another years contract.

Then there is the payment clause, 3/6 months payments in advance in some situations, this is often overlooked and can be a significant sum of money which catches businesses out, and with payments terms often at 14 days, if you are one day late in comes a late payment fee and interest!

The second option is to appoint an energy broker / energy consultant.

There are a vast array in the market and plenty to choose from, you may already have appointed an energy consultant to deal with your energy procurement?

The challenge using an energy broker is that they are unlikely to have the expertise or focus that is needed when trading within the water retail market, it can be complex.

Then there is the issue of independence and impartiality and they will not have a platform in place to tender  to the whole market to over 20 suppliers, so their ability is limited to using a few chosen water retailers, which is not a truly competitive tender.

Their commercial strength and focus is in the energy market not water, however they may have a strategic partnership agreement with which gives them access to the only business water switching platform that tenders water supply contracts to the whole market. The platform is independent, transparent and free at the point of use. More specific details of this option further on in this post.

The third and final option which ticks all the boxes as far as the best overall option is to run your own tender to the whole market on the UK’s one and only business water switching site,

The platform was developed and launched to address the many pitfalls in the water retail market, and to bring customers and water retailers together on an independent, impartial and simple to use platform.

It was designed and developed and now managed by some of the UK’s leading water industry experts.

The service is free at the point of use and gives the customer the ability to tender their water supply contract to the whole market, giving all water retailers the opportunity to pitch for your business.

The platform is governed by OFWAT’s Voluntary Code of Conduct which is a high quality standard that work to.

Customers are appointed an account Director with a minimum of 20 years water industry experience, so customers are fully aware they have engaged with industry experts, and they manage everything from the initial water billing data upload to the market, running the tender, setting up of the customer contractual requirements, liaison with the water retailers and customer care, so you know you will be in good hands.

The whole process is simple and straightforward.

Unlike a broker is not tied to any particular retailer.

At the end of the 60 minute live tender auction process the customer receives the results of the retailers that have pitched for your business, together with a water audit report which indicates any savings or refunds due to historical overcharges by the previous retailer ensuring the bills are correct going forwards with the new retailer.

A short consultancy call follows to discuss the offers and clarify any issues, the new retailer is appointed and the entire switching process is managed through to setting up of the new account.

The customer has access to their account Director on any water and wastewater matter for the total duration of the contract and beyond.

Many customers engaging and signing up to water and wastewater cost reduction projects are focused on reducing water consumption and wastewater volumes to meet their sustainability and carbon reduction targets which is great for the business and the environment.

Do you want to compare business water prices? call 03300552532 or email

Stop settling for the stress of dealing with numerous different water retailers, save time, money and effort by streamlining your estate with

Make life simple and bring your bills together on one easy account, by consolidating all of your sites, you will  receive a great multisite offer, accurate bills and one point of contact for all your water bill queries.

Your account will be managed by water industry experts, an account Director will be appointed with a minimum of 20 years water industry experience guaranteed!

With our multisite deal, you will cut out the hassle and costs so you can spend more time on what’s important to you and your business.

By switching water supplier on our unique business water switching platform that tenders your Scottish and English water supply contract to the whole market.

With just one click  your water supply contract details are sent to all the water retailers. They receive notification and submit offers for a multisite water deal.

The water retailers are ranked according to their multisite water deal proposal and the best value deal is listed at the top of the bidding page and all other offers are listed below.

In order for the water retailer to be listed at the top, the multisite water deal must be improved, this ensures that your water supply contract is tendered in a truly competitive way, there is nothing else like it in the water retail market today.

The water retailers will pitch for your business in an independant, impartial, transparent and competitive environment.

At the end of the tender process the results are downloaded together with a free water audit report, which includes those sites where our water audit experts have identified possible  savings and refunds due to historical billing errors and offer to correct them for you.

Your water retailer won’t offer to do that for you as they are obliged to charge your business in accordance with the wholesale water and waste water data, which quite often is incorrect, but they wont know that until an audit is carried out meaning customers often pay more than they should.

The water audit teams at have decades of experience in identifying historical overcharging, many of the water suppliers do not! and that is a fact.

When you have chosen your new water retailer from the tender list, we will arrange and manage the switch to the new water supplier, and in addition, subject to your approval, if your historical bills were incorrect we will apply to your water retailer for reduced water bills going forwards and a refund of between 1 – 13 years dependant on the type of claim.

So if you are interested in a hassle free multisite water deal, saving your business time and money and a water industry expert to look after you, and you wish to reap the benefits call 03300552532 or email

Many, many businesses are still not aware that you can switch water supplier!

Indeed, when asked “Were they aware the water market was deregulated allowing none residential customers to switch water supplier” the answer was no!

The water market was deregulated April 2017, 6 years ago now so 1,000’s of none residential customers are missing out on savings by not switching water supplier for a better deal.

In fact, all businesses, charities and public sector organisations in England and Scotland that are eligible are all now able to choose who provides their water and waste water retail services.

Before you decide to switch water supplier, it pays to understand a little about how the Open Water Market works.

So what is the Open Water Market and how does it work?

The water market works like any other open utility market, for example gas, power and telecoms. Retail suppliers buy services from the wholesaler service suppliers (these are companies that supply the physical supply of water and the collection, treatment and disposal of both wastewater and rainwater), they are re-sell services to the none residential customers.

For example, businesses, charities, schools, collages, universities, local authorities and public sector buildings.

The region water companies (wholesalers) continue to supply and bill household customers.

The retail business water market works alongside the existing water retail market in Scotland regulated by the Water Industry Commision  for Scotland (WICS)

The water retail market in England is regulated by the Water Services Regulation Authority or OFWAT  which is the body responsible for economic regulation of the privatised water and sewerage industry in England and Wales.

The main statutory duties of the regulator include – Securing the long term resilience of our water and wastewater networks and ensuring they carry out their functions in accordance with regulations.

The Water Act 2014 extended retail competition to all non-household customers of English water companies from April 2017 (water market deregulation) and provided for possible competition in the wholesale markets.

Who supplies my business water?

Back in April 2017 you should have heard from your water supplier to let you know which retailer would be serving your site, but this may not have happened.

All you have to do is dig out your most recent water bill which will have the name of your water supplier on it.

It’s certainly a good idea to look into Switching Water Supplier as you can take advantage of a whole host of different benefits, everything from reduced water bills to consolidated invoices, water audits, all of which are designed to reduce your bills and hit your sustainability targets and designed to reduce your water and wastewater costs, driving down your water consumption, which is good for business and great for the environment.

So now you know you can switch water supplier, now you must be thinking “how do I switch water supplier” ?

For many customers it sometimes is not straightforward, but here are the options: –

The first is find a list of water retailers, this can be found on the water regulators (OFWAT) website, Water and Wastewater retailers serving England and here you will see a list of the water retail companies.

Only the water and wastewater retailers listed are licenced to service non-residential customers.

There are different ways to switch water supplier , you can do it yourself by calling a water retailer of your choice and ask them to submit a quotation. You can call many more water retailers and ask for pricing but this can be very time consuming, especially if you have more than one site.

The other option is to appoint a third party intermediary (TPI) often more commonly known as a broker. In this instance a broker may often have a commercial agreement with say one water retailer or a couple. This option is often not transparent or impartial and not quoted in a competitive environment or on a level playing field. Often customers do not have transparency of the process.

Many brokers operate in the energy markets and therefore do not have the detailed expertise and knowledge required to run pricing exercises or tenders, which dependant on the customer can be complex say in the manufacturing sectors.

There are hundreds or more different charges and tariffs and customers could often run the risk of signing up to incorrect tariffs and run the risk of being overcharged or undercharged which is certainly not good news for customers.

A case in point was a large laundry company who was being overcharged £8,000 per year, the large user tariff applied was £16,000 a year when in fact the company did not hit the large water volume to make it economically viable. This detail was on the water retail contact, however it was not audited prior to sign off resulting in a £24,000 overspend over the contract period which was a big hit on the bottom line of the business.

Another glaring example was a hotel group with an annual spend of £900,000. A water audit was completed off the latest set of water bills and the upshot of the water audit was a £60,000 per year overcharge or around £180,000 overcharge over the contract period. The customer seemingly got a good deal on rates, which were far outweighed by the overcharges although in this instance the pricing was conducted by the procurement department of the company and the staff would not have the knowledge or expertise to check the fine details within the water bills.

Customers therefore have to weigh up the risks and time factors involved.

There is only one last alternative listed on the OFWAT website where they say “Use an Independent Switching Service

There are various websites claiming to provide an “Independent Switching Service” but delving deeper it would appear none of them are independent or transparent, dealing only as agents for ONE water retail company which is not detailed on their website and do not subscribe to OFWAT’s principles for voluntary TPI codes of conduct. More specifically OFWAT’s document March 30th 2017 “Protecting customers in the business market – principle for voluntary TPI codes of conduct

So customers have little or no protection, and some of these players make up prices and also claim they can freeze water bills for 3 years with no increase in charges which is simply NOT TRUE!

There is ONLY ONE independent and transparent business water switching platform that is The platform is effectively governed by a code of conduct, the company adopted the principles of OFWAT’s codes of conduct which the Directors of Switch Water Supplier Ltd had no hesitation in adopting, giving customers, OFWAT and the water retailers confidence and setting the standards to encourage others to follow in the water retail market.

The company and the groundbreaking business water switching platform was the idea of Husband and Wife team Graham Mann and Nicky Mann

The idea was conceived when the government first announced deregulation of the English water market, the UK government called it The Open Water Market announcing “Water is open for business” and indeed it was.

However, although in principle deregulation was great for non domestic customers there were many challenges to overcome which many in the water market did not understand.

As Graham and Nicky had worked in the water industry for decades they had a deep understanding of the opportunities in the market and therefore best placed to apply their knowledge and expertise to develop the UK’s first platform capable of issuing water supply contracts to the whole market, giving all water retailers the opportunity to bid for water supply contracts in a competitive and controlled environment.

Receiving requests to bid for water and wastewater supply contract values’ from £20,000 to in excess of £2 million.

The company boasts global brands as clients and has a sales pipeline of £66 million (water retail market value)

The platform is designed for both businesses and public sector organisations to tender their own water supply contracts as well as energy brokers and customer agents.

Partnerships are welcome

So can you switch water supplier ? – Yes you can !

Are you interested in switching water supplier or joining our partnership which works to grow your business ? Get in touch with the team @ today

Switching water supplier is another way to reduce your water footprint and operate more eco-consciously as a business. The English water retail market opened up back in 2017, allowing companies to shop around for their water supplier in the same way as other utilities, such as electricity.

Benefits of switching include the reduction of water wastage, consolidation of water and wastewater supply across multiple sites, value-added services and finding a supplier with more expertise in working with businesses in your industry or with your specific operational needs.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can save water and reduce your bills, get in touch with the team today. @ MEUC Contact Form
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