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About iPower

iPower is a licenced electricity generator and demand-side aggregator with over 25 years of experience in generation, providing Demand Side Response (DSR) services to stabilise and sustain the electricity system during times of stress through its virtual power plant (VPP).

iPower’s VPP is a network of generating assets owned by commercial energy consumers or by iPower. By owning almost half of the DSR generation, iPower has set itself at the forefront of the DSR industry. This experience delivers maximum generator performance consistently across their fleet through highly automated monitoring & control systems.

Through this unique model, all consumers can participate in iPower’s VPP and play their part in decarbonising the electricity system, allowing the integration of additional renewable energy. iPower is further committed to this green future as it converts existing diesel assets into carbon neutral generation.

iPower’s mission is to:

  • Support the environment, targeting C02 and emissions neutrality
  • Support the electricity system, delivering services that provide capability to add more renewable generation
  • Support business, providing security of supply and allowing them to sweat their existing assets to gain additional income.
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