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Energy Intelligent Solutions is a specialist in energy and carbon, providing support to industrial and commercial organisations where energy and carbon matter.

Our independent advice and solutions, always in the best interest of our clients, cover energy and carbon strategy development, the identification of opportunities, business case development, implementation support and finance. We focus on helping our clients to implement projects aiming to reduce both carbon emissions and energy costs, increase resilience, and limit the risks associated with energy and carbon. In many cases we are helping organisations deliver on their promises to achieve net zero.

Our client base includes many of the leading brands in manufacturing, food and drink, minerals, chemicals, oil and gas, utilities, retail and hospitality, data centres, paper and biosciences.

Our expertise and experience is in all industrial and commercial sectors. We have networks of suppliers and collaborators that gives us access to the latest technologies and solutions. We have comprehensive analysis and modelling capabilities and deep expertise and experience in all aspects of energy and carbon. As well as energy efficiency and utilities optimisation, our services and solutions cover process optimisation, heat recovery, heat pumps, refrigeration, low carbon heat, renewable power and fuels, hydrogen, carbon capture and more.

EIS specialises in digital solutions for improved performance, including advanced monitoring and control, optimisation and data analytics/data mining.

Our consultants provide support for regulatory compliance including ESOS, Climate Change Agreements, ISO 50001, UK ETS, SECR and CHP QA.

Case Studies

Some recent and ongoing projects are summarised below. Further examples of our work can be found at

The development of a strategy for reducing energy use and then support for the financing and implementation of solutions with a total investment of £6M. Support to achieve ESOS compliance.

Food Production
Created plans for reducing energy costs and carbon emissions, developed the business cases for investment and supported the implementation of solutions requiring an £8M investment, including CHP, heat pumps, new refrigeration systems, energy efficiency measures and digital solutions.

Identified and developed a strategy to decarbonise two distilleries and provided support for the specification and implementation of phase 1 ‘no regrets measures’ including energy efficiency, digital solutions, heat recovery and large scale/high temperature heat pump projects, with an investment of over $10M.

Completed a comprehensive assessment of utilities and energy performance for a major UK brewery, agreed an energy and decarbonisation roadmap and then supported the development and implementation of the measures identified, including power generation, heat recovery, heat pumps and new refrigeration systems.

Identified opportunities to reduce energy use and re-use waste solvents, and then supported the development of projects including combined heat and power, heat to power and absorption chillers. Assisted with off balance sheet financing of the solutions and the selection of providers and installers.

Developed a decarbonisation strategy for a top tier COMAH site, prepared the business case for investment and supported the implementation of hydrogen ready boilers and power generation fit for the low carbon future. Further assessment of renewable power and carbon capture solutions.

Supported regulatory compliance (ESOS) and the preparation of an energy and carbon reduction roadmap for environmental permits to operate. Completed analysis and the development of an energy and carbon strategy in support of proposed significant investments in new process operations.

Identified the optimum solutions to decarbonise heat across a large estate of pubs and restaurants, considering heat pumps, heat storage, heat recovery and electrical supply and infrastructure issues. Supported pilot implementations of solutions to prove benefits and find the most suitable solution types for different circumstances.


Energy Intelligent Solutions is constantly evaluating new solutions and technologies and provides insights. Some examples are found below. Further insights are available at

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