Energy Sector Update (part 2) 
Thu 10 June 2021 2pm – 3.30pm

Energy – Contracts, Trends, Prices and Pass-through Costs
Join us for a Market Update, future trends, electricity generations and non-commodity cost implications

The presentation slides can be viewed here


14.00Welcome, Introduction and Market Update
Richard Koszykowski and Don McGarrigle, Energy Adviser, MEUC
Non-Commodity Cost Increases, what does the future hold?
A deep-dive into what makes up your pass-through costs.

Helen Gardner, Market Change Manager, nPower Business Solutions
Renewables – suppliers and customers in the mix
Understanding what green means, and the challenges in securing the right supply.

Chris Mayhew, Operations Director – Head of Utilities Management Services and
Karen Shaw, Energy Hub Manager, MACE
The Transition from EU-ETS to UK-ETS and what you need to know
Andrew Park, Director, Swan Energy Limited