Wednesday 26th April 2023 at Church House, Westminster

Our annual Conference and Exhibition in Westminster – providing on topic information; valuable insight into current and future policy; expert speakers; discussion on key issues and networking with the MEUC Community for those buying, managing, planning or paying for their organisation’s energy and water.

Eddie Proffitt, Technical Director, MEUC
15.30The continued need for joined up policy to positively impact Climate Change
Why legislation and Government intervention is needed to ‘oil’ the wheels.
Lord Teverson, President, MEUC
15.45Why securing investment in low and zero carbon generation is vital
How we need multiple technologies to work together to reach our Gas and Electricity Generation targets.
Nancy Touré, Business Development Associate, Flexibility Solutions, Enel X
16.00What options are there for PPAs in current price volatility?
How can consumers make sure they have the right deal?
Robert Brown, Senior Director, Sales & Marketing, ENGIE Impact
16.15Making hydrogen happen
Green hydrogen, the UK and Government targets. How local production facilities are the key to the UK’s emerging hydrogen market.
Eric Adams, Projects Director (Hydrogen), Carlton Power Ltd
16.30Questions from the floor

A pdf of the slide pack can be viewed here