Northern Ireland Update

Thursday 11 March

On 11 March at 2.00pm, MEUC explored the market, regulation and opportunities in Northern Ireland, led by Don McGarrigle.

A pdf of the slide deck can be downloaded here

14.00Welcome and introduction
Don McGarrigle, Northern Ireland Manager, MEUC
14.05Future Energy Prices and Strategies How to Mitigate Their Affect – looking at the current pressures on wholesale energy prices both locally and globally with possible strategies to mitigate any increases.
Peter Connolly, Managing Director for Ireland and Scotland, Cornwall Insight
14.45Energy Efficiency Update – providing an update on the latest energy efficiency measures being promoted by the organization.
Jim Clarke, Technical Advisor, Invest NI
15.00Update on the NI Future Energy Strategy – an update on the issues affecting business customers in Northern Ireland’s Energy Strategy Roadmap.
Thomas Byrne, Director of Energy Strategy, Dept of Economy
15.30Regulation Beyond Lockdown – focusing on the main issues to impact business customers in the year ahead.
John French, CEO, Utility Regulator Office