Guide to Electrification
Wednesday 7 February

Decarbonisation of manufacturing is a key topic for achieving net zero and science-based targets. A natural reaction is to remove gas and electrify, but what impacts will that have on your business’ competitiveness, carbon footprint and what are the risks associated with that approach?

Energy decarbonisation technology is changing rapidly, and also the grid is under unprecedented pressure. Our experts will lead you through alternative approaches.

A pdf of the slide-deck can be viewed here

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Robin Hale, Chief Executive, MEUC
On-Site Energy
Drivers for electrification
The impact of electrification on operating costs
The barriers and alternatives to electrification.
Timing and what factors to take account of when considering electrification:
What are the assumptions and risks in the decarbonisation strategy of your business?
How do you balance business factors such as energy autonomy into a decarbonisation strategy?
Overcoming internal challenges to decarbonisation measures with long or no payback.
Live Q&A