Net Zero? Shouldn’t we be talking about carbon free energy?

ENTRNCE is hosting this webinar for MEUC Members and guests to help organisations take the first step towards carbon-free energy and to demonstrate how a 24/7 approach supports large energy users in moving away from hydro-carbon markets.

Affordable, Sustainable, Secure. It’s likely your organisation is taking bold decisions in response to the energy trilemma.

Many businesses are turning their minds to 24/7 carbon-free energy – and the first step is surprisingly simple.

Our Matcher tool is a powerful data platform, which gives companies a granular picture of their energy consumption – and what they need to do to secure a 100% clean, secure energy supply.

If you’re considering investments in onsite generation, battery storage or CPPAs, ENTRNCE’s Matcher can model different scenarios, and show how each technology could meet your needs.


Killian Daly – General Manager, EnergyTag
Killian runs EnergyTag, a non-profit focused on enabling real-time electricity tracking that will transform clean energy sourcing. Killian led the process of drafting the EnergyTag Standard, which created the Granular Certificate, a robust and widely recognised instrument for hourly energy attribute tracking. The Standard is supported by energy intensive businesses from around the world. Killian will explain how regulatory changes can affect businesses in the future and what they can about it right now.

Jaron Reddy – Manager UK & Ireland, ENTRNCE
Jaron has been in the energy industry for over 12 years, most recently with the corporate venturing division of Dutch grid operator Alliander. With ENTRNCE, he leads business development in the UK & Ireland with a platform called the Matcher. As external factors (COVID, Ukraine) are dominating the market, energy security and pricing have top priority for large businesses. However, as time moves on, the Paris obligations become increasingly urgent. Jaron will explain how a 24/7 approach to energy data helps to gain control on the route to net zero, or better still: carbon free energy.

The 24/7 carbon-free energy revolution is coming. Let us help you get there.