OnlineWednesday 15 November (14.00-15.45)

Join our Group of Northern Ireland members online as we come together to discuss regulation, infrastructure, markets and other pressing energy issues affecting businesses in Northern Ireland. If you are based in, or have sites in Northern Ireland you are welcome to join us.

The slide deck of presentations can be viewed here


Richard Koszykowski, Energy Adviser, MEUC
14.10The Current Market and Key Milestones Ahead
How regulation is adapting to market conditions in the interests of consumers
Barbara Cantley, Interim Director, Consumer and Business Protection and
Colin Magee, Non-domestic Consumer Protection Manager, UREGNI
14.30A Market View, Renewable Generation and short-term drivers
Philip Blythe, ISEM Power Market Manager, SSE
14.50Shaping the Future: NIE Networks’ Vision for Large Energy Consumers
Embracing Decarbonisation, Enhancing Network Capacity, and Streamlining Connections for a Sustainable Tomorrow
Jonathan Pollock, Network Development Team, NIE Networks
15.10Opportunities through Demand Side Management
Could it be right for you?
Lauren Porter, ipower
15.30Discussion Forum: Key challenges for Large Users
Led by Richard Koszykowski, Energy Adviser, MEUC