Partner Session: NatGridESO
14 October 2020

The webinar will focus on content from the newly updated Demand Side Flexibility Guide that will shortly be published. This will be the third edition of the guide jointly written by National Grid ESO and MEUC.

14.00Welcome and Introduction
14.05Summary of Chapter 1: The Growing need for Flexibility
The Key to Controlling Future Energy Costs | Understanding the Price Messages from the Market | What the Future Holds |Getting Started
14.15Using Flexibility to Reduce Charges
Introduction to TNuOS and who pays | Introduction to Demand TNuOS | Triads | TNuOS in the Future
14.25The Demand Side Flexibility Schemes
Response and Reserve | Capacity Market | DNO Flexibility
14.40Electricity Storage for Industrial and Commercial Energy Users
The growing importance of grid-scale storage | National Grid ESO’s system balancing | Joint location of renewable generation and storage | Aggregation of demand-side response with storage | Potential revenue streams
14.50Q&A / Panel Discussion