Partner Session: Enel X
Unlocking your CHP’s potential: A guide to maximising benefits & minimising waste
12 October 2020

As energy demand patterns fluctuate and evolve over time, CHP units that have not been optimised to serve variable site loads can lead to sub-optimal plant performance, a reduction in site economic efficiency and a missed opportunity to offset environmental impact. Enel X has responded to this challenge with its Generation & Energy Optimisation (GEO) solution.

In this webinar, learn about additional value streams available to CHP assets and how Enel X’s GEO advanced algorithms calculate the most economical operating schedules, identifying cost savings and creating revenue from trading flexible CHP capacity on the energy markets. A tool that can be utilised by energy teams and CHP assets of all sizes, GEO delivers value by providing daily diagnostics of site demands and energy market pricing.


• Eric Bakken, Strategic Energy Solutions Manager, Enel X UK
• Wayne Davies, Head of Customer Success, Enel X UK