Water Sector Update Part 2
Wednesday 10 March

1 April 2021 marks four years since the retail water market opened. What’s happened since the MEUC’s three year report in April 2020? How has Covid-19 and the associated restrictions affected how customers are served? What market improvement programmes are afoot?

A pdf of the slide deck can also be downloaded here

14.00Welcome and introduction
Robin Hale, Chief Executive and Karma Loveday, Water Policy Adviser, MEUC
14.05The customer watchdog’s take – market performance and Covid protections
Christina Blackwell, Senior Policy Manager, Consumer Council for Water
14.20Better bilaterals and moving forward on metering: MOSL’s market improvement programmes
Sarah McMath, CEO and John Gilbert, Head of Planning, MOSL
14.45Serving and supporting customers in the new normal
Wendy Monk, Director of Regulation & Compliance and Nigel Corfield, Industrial & Commercial Customer Director, Wave Utilities
15.00Questions to the speaker panel