Webinar Schedule

MEUC EXPO: Tuesday 6 October - Thursday 15 October 2020

The MEUC EXPO brings together exciting content spread over two weeks, providing you with vital insight, contacts and information. If you are a Major Energy or Water User and would like to attend any of the webinars listed below please click through and register. If you would like to attend more than one webinar use the main registration form by clicking here

Westminster Policy Update

Tue 6 October (11.00 - 12.30)

MEUC’s EXPO gets underway with a fantastic session introduced by MEUC President, Lord Teverson, followed by Policy and Regulatory insight.

Partner Session: Ylem

Tue 6 October (14.00 - 15.30)

Ylem Energy specialises in delivering fully-financed smart and flexible energy generation and storage systems.

Water: Policy & Performance

Wed 7 October (11.00 - 12.30)

Karma Loveday, MEUC’s Water Adviser shares the latest insight into the state of the Water Market, the push to save water, and unwinding pandemic policy.

Future Market Outlook

Wed 7 October (14.00 - 15.30)

What’s Happening in the Market?
In-depth analysis of the current and future implications for energy in a post-Covid world.

Non-Commodity Charges

Thu 8 October (11.00 - 12.30)

What makes up your energy bill? How non-commodity charges, levies, targeted charging review, triads and RIIO2 will affect what you pay.

Partner Session: Wave

Thu 8 October (14.00 - 15.30)

This informative and interactive session looks at the recent effects of regulatory change on businesses and the water retail market, the ins and outs of retail services and the future of business water efficiency.

Northern Ireland Update

Mon 12 October (11.00 - 12.30)

Covering Regulatory, Infrastructure and Pricing issues specific to gas and the Integrated Single Electricity Market (I-SEM).

Partner Session: Enel X
Unlocking your CHP’s potential: A guide to maximising benefits & minimising waste

Mon 12 October (14.00 - 15.30)

Unlocking your CHP’s potential: A guide to maximising benefits & minimising waste.
Enel X – part of the multinational power company Enel – helps organisations buy, store, use, and share their energy more strategically

Water: Focus Group

Tue 13 October (11.00 - 12.30)

Running out of water within 20 years:
What would incentivise YOU to reduce how much water your business uses?

On-Site Generation

Tue 13 October (14.00 - 15.30)

Power Purchase Agreements, On-Site Generation, Off Balance Sheet.
What are the options and how do you know what’s best for you?

Technology Developments

Wed 14 October (11.00 - 12.30)

Renewables to Storage, Metering to Analysis – how do you keep up with the latest innovation, offerings and opportunities?

Partner Session: NatGridESO

Wed 14 October (14.00 - 15.30)

The webinar will focus on content from the newly updated Demand Side Flexibility Guide that will shortly be published. This will be the third edition of the guide jointly written by National Grid ESO and MEUC.

Driving towards Net Zero

Thu 15 October (11.00 - 12.30)

Get the latest industry viewpoints as we look ahead to emissions targets, electrification and the decarbonisation of heat.

MEUC Member Forum

Thu 15 October (14.00 - 15.30)

An event ‘wash-up’ and thoughts on next steps.