Wednesday 13 December – 10.00am-12.00pm

This meeting of the MEUC Water Ideas Exchange Group enables Members to share experiences, raise issues and identify priorities with the Strategic Panel – a senior body comprising Defra, Ofwat, MOSL, wholesaler and retailer representatives and independents.

What would the perfect water retail market look like to you?

If you could wave a magic wand and create the perfect water retail market, what would that look like? What features would it have, and how would the customer experience feel?

The Strategic Panel – the most senior group that oversees the water retail market and comprises Defra, Ofwat, MOSL, Consumer Council for Water, wholesaler representatives, retailer representatives and independents – is drawing up a roadmap to take the water market from where it is today to a place it could be considered to be successful and flourishing.

To do that, the Panel needs to know what a flourishing market would look and feel like for customers, and has asked for MEUC members’ expertise. We’ll be convening an online meeting on Wednesday 13 December at 10am-12pm for you to put forward your ideas – be they on price benefits, customer service standards, data availability, innovation, efficiency or any other topic that you believe would make the market a success.

Specifically, the Panel wants to know:
• What are your current perceptions of the water market?
• What are your hopes and expectations for the market, and what would be needed to meet those expectations?
• Do you have any advice or suggestions from your experiences in energy or other sectors on how other markets have identified and overcome barriers which have hindered their success?

Join us on the 13th December and help shape the market into something that would really work for large users!

Explanatory note: The Strategic Panel is a new body that has been created specifically to provide strategic direction in the non-household retail water market, and to oversee programmes of work to improve outcomes for business customers. Details can be found here:


10.00Introduction and background
Rick Hill, Interim Chair of the Strategic Panel
10.10Water scarcity (how aware are you of the water scarcity challenge and impact and who do you see as key to managing it?)
Andrew Beaver, Wholesaler Strategic Panel Member
10.35Customer service improvement (what more do you expect from the market, including from Ofwat and DEFRA?)
Ofwat Strategic Panel Representative tbc
11.00Digitization and automation (is the market keeping pace with emerging technologies and giving you access to the data you need?)
Lucy Darch, Retailer Strategic Panel Member
11.25Environmental impacts (including the DEFRA 9 per cent target and your role in achieving it)
Ofwat Strategic Panel Representative tbc
11.50Other concerns

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