Tue 2 February (14.00 – 15.15)
New Year, new view on carbon?
As the effects of Covid and its aftermath collide with leaving the EU, companies are considering their exposure to climate-related constraints – both legislative and those from customers and wider-society.

Redshaw Advisors Ltd will discuss with members all things carbon neutral and the journey to net zero, including introducing their new company Plan Net Zero. They will also cover new UK regulations, how they might interact with the EU ETS and the symbiotic effects on pricing.

New Year, new view on carbon?

Carbon neutrality, net zero, scope one, two and three – let us give you a tour of this landscape, outlining where the constraints and the opportunities lie. We will cover the difference between the various terms, measuring emissions, using British Standards Institution (BSI) standards to achieve certification and marketing your achievements.

January 1st 2021 is the start of the next ten-year phase of the EU ETS with the parallel driver of greater ambition in the green recovery, moving from a 40% CO2 reduction compared with 1990 levels to at least 55% by 2030, then net zero by 2050. Whilst the UK may not be part of the EU ETS, the UK government has laid out plans to be at least as ambitious in its CO2 reduction targets and will follow the same monitoring, verification and reporting rules.

What will the UK Government decide and how will that affect your company? A UK carbon tax based upon historic EUA carbon prices, or a UK carbon trading system? Volatility, liquidity issues, complexity in budget setting. We will apply our market knowledge and analytic experience to cast a light on the road ahead.

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