Strategic Utility Management in a Changing Landscape

Wednesday 16 October 2024
The AMTC Ltd, Ansty Park, Coventry

Event Overview:
Join us at Buying and Using Utilities Live in Coventry, our Autumn Conference and Exhibition 2024.

Powered by MEUC, this event offers a deep dive into the strategic and practical aspects of utility management, offering attendees the latest information and a roadmap for implementing trends and innovations.

Engage with industry experts, policy makers, and peers as we explore actionable strategies for energy and water procurement, sustainability, and regulatory compliance.

Why Attend?

  • Advanced Insights: Build on your knowledge with deeper strategic insights.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers and experts, fostering ongoing relationships.
  • Practical Strategies: Gain actionable strategies and tools to optimise your utility management approach.

Draft Agenda

9.00Registration, Coffee and Networking
9.50Conference Start
9.55Welcome to MEUC’s Buying and Using Utilities Live!
Peter Roper, Chairman, MEUC
Session 1: Prices, Regulation and Market Dynamics for Energy and Water
Understanding and adapting to market conditions in a changing landscape
Guest Chair
10.05Energy Prices, Trends and Influencing Factors
Understanding the dynamics of energy prices and the factors that influence them.
10.20Future-Proofing the UK’s Energy System for fair and cost effective energy supply
Ofgem’s regulatory strategies and their continued impact on energy consumers.
10.35Why regulating the water sector and setting Price Controls isn’t plain sailing
Exploring the regulatory framework governing the water industry and the input consumers provide.
10.50Challenges for Water Companies and Retailers and the impact on Customers
How water companies and retailers manage customer expectations when faced with regulatory pressures,
price controls, resource constraints and rising prices.
11.05Q&A to the speakers:
Engage, Query, and Learn – An Open Mic Session
Questions led by the Chair
Joined by Karma Loveday, Water Advisor and Eddie Profitt, Technical Director, MEUC
11.20Refreshments and Networking in the Exhibition
Session 2: Risk and Reward? Your Future Energy Consumption Mapped Out
Implementing Effective Risk Management, Enhancing Supply Security, and Achieving Sustainability Goals
Guest Chair
11.55Energy Price Risk Management
Effective Strategies to Navigate Energy Price Volatility
12.10Enhancing Supply Security with PPAs and Virtual PPAs
Leveraging Power Purchase Agreements for Long-Term Energy Stability
12.25Leveraging On-Site Generation and Storage
Developing On-Site Energy Solutions for Supply Security and Sustainability
12.40Integrating Strategies into the Renewable and Net Zero Agenda
How Energy Management Strategies Contribute to Sustainability Goals
12.55Q&A to the speakers:
Engage, Query, and Learn – An Open Mic Session
Questions led by the Chair
Joined by Richard Koszykowski, Energy Adviser, MEUC
13.10Lunch and Networking in the Exhibition
Session 3: The Future of Energy: Management and Innovation
Optimising your Energy Strategy, Enhancing Sustainability, and Leveraging New Technologies
Guest Chair
14.15The Evolution of Energy
Adapting to New Market Realities and Technological Advancements
14.30Smart Energy Solutions for Industrial Applications
Harnessing Technology to Improve Efficiency and Sustainability
14.45The Role of Interconnectors in our Net Zero future?
Is there an opportunity for a European retail supplier?
15.00Building Resilient Energy Systems – the next decade
Strategies for Ensuring Energy Security and Reliability
15.15Q&A to the speakers:
Engage, Query, and Learn – An Open Mic Session
Questions led by the Chair
Joined by Eddie Profitt, Technical Director, MEUC
15.30Networking break with refreshments
Session 4: Emerging Trends and Practical Applications in Energy and Water Management
Insight and Interaction into the next wave of managing your consumption
Robin Hale, Chief Executive, MEUC
15.50Emerging Technologies in Energy Management
Explore pioneering technologies and their role in shaping a sustainable future.
16.00Innovative Approaches to Water Management
Gain insight into energy management solutions and practical applications that can reduce costs.
16.10Interactive Break-out Sessions: Your questions. Our Future.
Break-out groups led by MEUC Experts and Supporters, facilitate, brainstorm and uncover vital information.
Energy Discussion: Led by Eddie Proffitt, Technical Director and Richard Koszykowski, Energy Adviser, MEUC
Water Discussion: Led by Karma Loveday, Water Adviser, MEUC
16.30Delivering insight: Highlights from combined knowledge.
Key takeaways, actionable strategies and future topics.
16.40Next steps with MEUC: Leveraging our network
Member support, information, networking and expert contacts guiding the way forward.

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